2021 Reading Challenge Prompts

Challenge Guidelines

It's your challenge, complete it your way.

We intentionally do not call these rules, as we feel passionately that reading should be enjoyable and not encumbered with do and don't lists. To that end, take these guidelines and the prompts and interpret them as you want.

Questions or feedback? We would love to hear from you. Message us on Facebook or Instagram, post in the Facebook group, or shoot us an email.

  • Cozy Mysteries only.

    • This is the only hard and fast rule. This challenge was built to expand our love within the Cozy genre so feel free to pull selections from all sub-genre's but the books must be a Cozy Mystery to count.

  • One Book Per Prompt

    • Unless you want to check off five prompts with the same book, then go for it. 😉 Your challenge your rules remember.

  • Participate

    • We love to see your posts on Instagram, read your comments, on Facebook, and see what books you've added to the prompts on Storygraph. It's so much more fun when everyone participates, and we Mods get bored when it's just us talking and posting.

2021 Standard Prompts

Prompt #1

Cozy with a three word title

Prompt #2

Cozy with a color in the title

Prompt #3

Male author

Prompt #4

Set in a hotel or B&B

Prompt #5

Title that's a character's name

Prompt #6

Mentioned in another book

Prompt #7

Cozy involving theft

Prompt #8

Next in a series you started last year

Prompt #9

Item of clothing on the cover

Prompt #10

Plant on the cover

Prompt #11

Author of color

Prompt #12

Set somewhere other than the USA or UK

Prompt #13

Cozy you picked for the title

Prompt #14

Published the month of your birthday

Prompt #15

Cozy you previously abandoned

Prompt #16

Cozy you were excited to get but haven't read yet

Prompt #17

An author collaboration

Prompt #18

Cozy with a character list

Prompt #19

Cozy you bought because of the cover

Prompt #20

Protagonist has your dream occupation

2021 Bonus Prompts

Bonus Prompt #1

Three cozies by the same author

Bonus Prompt #2

A cozy published 21 years ago

Bonus Prompt #3

Cozy cover in Pantone's Color of the year.

Bonus Prompt #4

Cozy with cows or oxen